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Flowers that need to be avoided in a wedding bouquet

Flowers that need to be avoided in a wedding bouquet

Flower bouquets act as the centrepiece for every wedding function. Be it gifting the bride and groom or welcoming the guests, such aesthetic piece spread a wave of happiness amongst the attendees and cheers their mood up. The very fragrance coming out of the bouquets is something that the guests look for in an ideal bouquet.

But, not all kinds of flowers need to go to the bouquet. The pollens or allergens present in certain flowers can cause reactions amongst the people and create a pall of gloom on a happy occasion. Therefore, it is very important to have good knowledge of this, and thus, the article discusses further the types of flowers should not be in a wedding bouquet.

The list of don’ts

When it comes to the flowers that must never be included in the bouquets, the following stand out at the top.

Peonies, which are very expensive and delicate to handle. Thus, they often tend to be damaged under bulk orders for the bouquets.

Lilacs tend to sag down in the absence of water and destroy the bouquet’s very aesthetic looks.

Daffodils with toxic saps kill other flowers in the bouquets and release pollens with proven records of allergies to humans.

Poppies, whose pollens are very sticky and often cause deep stains in the wedding dresses or materials.

Hellebores that wilt very quickly and destroy the looks of the bouquet.

Stile, which is very attractive, but loses the colour fatly when brought out of the water.

The above list may look good to naked eyes separately, but they form flowers to avoid for wedding.

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Other suggestions

Along with the flowers that need to go under a bouquet, it is also important to learn about the ways of keeping care of the existing pieces of bouquets:

Never store your bouquets in the refrigerators, like other perishable goods. They lose their lustre within minutes and render the entire piece useless.

Have a proper discussion with the florists regarding the flowers that can meet temperature settings during the wedding and stay long enough to grab the guests’ attention.

Go for the flowers from professional florists that deal with specifically wedding bouquets and take up their recommendations seriously.

Do not make the bouquets way in advance of the actual wedding date. There is no point in spoiling those out due to long waiting hours.

Keep the floral decorations simple and easy to handle.

Thus, on an ending note, go for the best flowers and best designs to create joy at weddings.