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Ten Eye-Catching Hairstyles For Brides With Straight Long Hair

Ten Eye-Catching Hairstyles For Brides With Straight Long Hair

If a person has long straight hair and is a bride-to-be, she is lucky as there is no hairstyle shortage as it makes it easier to braid, twist, twirl, and tuck that cannot be accomplished with a short haircut. Consider a few important factors to choose the hairstyle like weather, setting or theme or the wedding, the look of the bride’s dress and face cut.

Few ideas to style straight long hair for a wedding

Here are some cute hairstyles for brides with straight long hair.

Vintage Updo- If the bride loves vintage style, and the dress is also vintage or inspired by that era, this style is the best for the wedding.

style hair for a weddingHalf Up Half Down- It gives a romantic look and shows more of the face, and beautiful details can be added to the braids and twists by sliding in some hair accessories to make the style even better.

French Twist- It is a sophisticated and classy hairstyle from the 1950s and ’60s. It is a formal hairstyle for the brides who want a traditional and polished wedding look. The hair and gathered and twisted until folded on itself and then secured with slides, combs, or pins.

Bridal Hairstyle with Flowers- The hairstyle with flowers is a classic hairstyle for a wedding. Fresh flowers can style the bride, bringing an immense natural aroma and sent to the whole atmosphere and the bride’s looks.

Bridal Hairstyle with Crystal Hair Clips- Crystals catch the light and reflect, creating a glowing and glittering effect. The bride for a vintage and romantic vibe uses the crystal hair clips with side-parted hairstyles.

Low Bun- It is sleek and best for the bride who wants an on-trend and modern hairstyle. Pearls make a great addition to low buns.

Loose Waves- It is an ideal style for the brides who are planning for a beach wedding. It makes an amazing style by dusting the roots with volumizing powder and finishing it will spray.

Ponytail- It is a simple and classic hairstyle by adding some details that make it look more glamorous and versatile. By use of good earrings and hair extensions makes them look even more elegant.

Half Braids- Create two simple three-strand plaits starting from the temples and braid it towards the back of the head, and secure with a fancy clip.

Long Braids- It is a three-strand pull-through braid and securing it with hair clips and small attractive details style straight long hair for a wedding and make the wedding perfect.