What is New Work Manifesto?

New Work Manifesto is where brides and grooms come together for information, advice, and support in their various stages of love, life, and wedding planning. Whether you’re in a wedding or going to one, there’s something here for everyone.

If you love all things weddings, follow our New Work Manifesto bloggers as they document their journeys from getting engaged to enjoying the honeymoon. For expert advice about wedding planning, style and beauty, or love and marriage, our articles have you covered.

Find support and ask questions on our community boards, buy and sell various wedding items in our classifieds, or admire your fellow brides and grooms by viewing our galleries. Plus, our vendor directory will help you track down the best local vendors in your area.

How do I use the Boards?

You do not need an account to read postings on the Boards, but you do need one if you want to start a thread or comment. Once you’ve created an account, you can comment and start threads asking the New Work Manifesto community for advice, vendor referrals, etc. Before posting, please try looking for your answer using search to see if your question has been asked previously, as many of the same questions have already been asked. The same account works for both Boards.

How do I edit or delete a comment on the Boards?

There is no way for users to delete comments on the boards, but you can edit comments for up to one hour after posting.

How do I flag a thread or comment on the Boards?

There is a “flag” link under each board thread. If you flag a post, one of our moderators will look into it ASAP. Keep in mind that not all flags merit a response and that moderators are volunteers who are not always able to handle community policy violations right away.

Why doesn’t my comment appear?

Comments on the Blog, Articles, Boards, or Classifieds that are long or contain more than one link automatically go into moderation. But often our spam filter chooses to send some comments into moderation. We clear our moderation queue many times throughout the day so you should see it appear on the site within the hour. If you don’t see your comment after an hour, please email us at [email protected] or post in our Support section.

I’m a vendor–can I participate on New Work Manifesto?

Vendors are more than welcome to comment on any section of New Work Manifesto, but they cannot use email signatures, promote their services, or private message users. Vendors are also not allowed to upload pictures into the Gallery.

Does New Work Manifesto accept guest posts?

New Work Manifesto accepts guest posts from real brides only. Our guest posts come in two forms: Real Weddings and Real Budgets. For more information on submitting real weddings/budgets, go here. Our editors will occasionally solicit guest posts from people and companies that we genuinely enjoy working with, but due to sheer volume of emails that come to our inboxes, we do not read any unsolicited PR or guest post emails that come our way. If you send us an unsolicited guest post idea seeking a linkback, we will not respond, nor will we accept them. If you work with a product or service and would like to work with us on sponsored content, please visit our advertising page for more information and contact us that way.