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Effective Ways To Tie Hair At Night To Prevent Hair Loss

Effective Ways To Tie Hair At Night To Prevent Hair Loss

Some people discover hair breakage and hair all over the bed when they wake up. The first thing for maintaining the hair’s health is to stop the breakage, and it is possible only when people tie hair at night to prevent hair loss. That would help to protect from any damage and breakage of hair while sleeping. Many people do a skincare routine before going to bed but often forget about hair care.

There are many other medical reasons for hair loss

Hard brushing, elastic bands and hair ties, stress, chemotherapy, thyroid problems, excessive usage of shampoo or conditioner, bleach and chemicals used in hair colouring, excessive exposure to heat while styling hair are a few of the reasons for hair loss.

Certain ways to tie hair to protect them from hair loss

Here are ways to style hair for sleeping so that the hair is prevented from breakage.

Wrapping head in a turban or scarf- Wrap the hair with a satin scarf that protects the hair and ends from friction with a pillow. The hairstyle can also be maintained as it does not get the mark of elastic bands or folds.

Don’t tie the hair up- Keeping the hair tied up like a messy bun can damage the hair. It makes stress the hair and might damage the roots, so it is better to take a loose ponytail so that hair can breathe.

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Take a braid- Twisting hair can be one way to prevent hair loss. Make a braid that specifically does not pull the hair and keep the hair intact.

Why is protecting hair at night important?

The hair can get damaged due to pollution and harmful UV rays, just like skin. So it is important to give proper care to hair. Use a stained pillowcase, oil the scalp regularly, dry the hair after washing, apply an overnight hair mask, detangle the locks before bed, take a healthy and proper sleep to prevent hair loss.